Summer courses 2017:

 Throwing Skills (2 days) Fee £150 

   A Monday 10th, Tuesday 11th April

   B Wednesday 7th, Thursday 8th June

   C Tuesday 13th, Thursday 15th June

   D Tuesday 5th, Thursday 7th September

   E Tuesday 24th, Thursday 26th October

 Raku Experience (3 days) Fee £185  

   A Monday 8th, Tuesday 9th May & Saturday 3rd June

   B Saturday 13th, Sunday 14th May & Sunday 4th June

   C Saturday 23rd, Sunday 24th & Saturday 30th September

 Modelling Course (3 days) Fee £150 

   Tuesday 20th, Thursday 22nd & Tuesday 27th June

If you are unable to attend on the above dates, I may be able to organise extra courses. Do not hesitate to contact me with any queries.

Available on Request:

 Children's Course - With or without Parents (2 mornings) Fee £40

 Smoke Firing (3 days) Fee £150

 Throwing Decorating and Glazing Workshop (5 days) Fee £375 


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